Thursday, October 7, 2010

WIW: At a Wedding

Several weekends ago I escorted my lovely lady friend to a wedding where she was the Maid of Honour.

Here are some pics from it.
click images to enlarge

We had a good time.


Anonymous said...

Nice jacket. What trousers did you wear with it, are they matching?

Will said...

Yeah, it's a full suit.

Brian said...

I absolutely love it! You wear it with pride and elegance, Sir. I really enjoy your site and want to begin collecting 30's to 50's clothes, fedora's....actually anything from that era myself. From everything that I've read and seen pictures of...that time period was so different than ours now..A noble time. Where everyone had such pride in what they did. It didn't matter if they were a mechanic or a gas attendant. They came to work clean, and when they got home they lounged around the house in chinos and a button down. Some wore suits around the house. I think I have alot of that missing from my own life, but my life is not yet over and I plan to do something about it. Thanks Will. This site really is something special.

Eric said...

Everything on your blog is beautiful, but this triply so, because it is a wedding, you are with a lady, and ... it's just style, alive, as it should be. It's truly wonderful. Thank you.


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