Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day For Fathers, Day For Ties

With Father's Day upon us we often debate what to get the man who has everything. The simple answer is "get him a tie".

I can hear you groan in agony. "A tie? Everyone does that, it's a bad joke. I'll get him an ugly tie and he'll never wear it. Might as well burn my money."

The thing is, we're not kids anymore. We adults should be able to pick out attractive ties for our dads. No more Bugs Bunny ties, get rid of the sports ties, nix the desire to give him that holiday tie. No one likes them, especially dad.

Encourage his desire to dress up and look nice by getting him a colorful and fun yet conservative tie. Even grown men like color and zest, just as long as it's done in a grown-up way. Try some regimental stripes. Maybe a herringbone. Or houndstooth. Get creative with it.

Heck, ties are cheap, get him two or three. And while you're at it, get him a nice dress shirt. See where it goes; he might actually catch some interest and build a nice wardrobe of his own.

Get dad a tie this year. Again.

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