Sunday, November 8, 2009

WIW: Oddly Warm

I've been absent from posting for a while. My job and an important test kept me away. And sometimes we all need a short break. But now we're back.

What goofy weather we've had. The temperature has been in the 70s this weekend so I busted out the linen and gabardine one last time for the year.

I tried a look that Ive seen in old Apparel Arts and Esquire illustrations and enjoyed immensely but had never tried for myself even though I've possessed the ingredients to create it for some time now. It is the quintessential 1930s American warm weather look.

I didn't wear a hat because it looks sleeker without one.
Other than the sunglasses, there is only one vintage piece in this look. Can you guess what it is?


Johnny said...

The tie?
I enjoy your site very much.
You are accomplishing exactly what I hope to, a true classic sartorial style.
I look forward to learning much from you.

Will said...

Nope, that tie is from Target. :D

Phil Friedman said...

The shoes look too new. There'd be no point in a vintage shirt. The pocket square would almost be a trick answer.

On the other hand, I've never seen patch pockets like that except in Flusser. The jacket?

Will said...

Nope, the jacket is from Macy's. Good guess though.

tom said...

Is it the tie bar? It looks like there is a tie bar, but it's hard to see. It must be something small like that.

Will said...

Nope. It's a major piece, not anything small or hidden.

Horatio said...

I've only recently become aware of the cream jacket & navy trouser combo. It's great, and every bit as summery as the navy blazer & cream trouser combo.

I'm guessing the trousers are vintage.

Will said...

We have a winner!
Yeah, it's the trousers. They're a pair of early 1950s Hollywood waisted trousers.

Horatio said...

So--what's the prize? ;-)

Will said...

Pride in knowing that you chose the one thing that hadn't been chosen before.


The Modest Adonis said...

i like your style Will!


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