Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The '70s, 1940s-Style

Sometimes it's amazing how different eras of clothing can be so alike.

Take this suede leather sportscoat for instance:
While at a glance it looks like something you might expect to find from the 1970s (especially with that orangish-brown color), this sportscoat is actually from the 1940s, perhaps a little earlier.

The devil is in the details, such as the belted back with two small pleats above it and buttons:

And the 1940s-style tag as well as the silver/gray rayon lining:

Or the Art Deco plastic buttons:

Happily, the Fall/Winter 1944-'45 copy of the Sears, Roebuck catalog
shows an incredibly similar suede leather jacket (sans belted back):

Now, what to wear with such an unusual vintage jacket?

How about something casual like a flannel button-down shirt,
vintage Stratoliner fedora, jeans and vintage sunglasses?

My first vintage leather jacket.


tom said...

That jacket looks pretty cool. I wish I had something like that beacuse I often wear jeans and flannel shirts. It makes for a great look.

Jon said...

I once came across what I thought was a '40s overcoat. It turned out to be very '70s and VERY polyester. That thing must have weighed 80 pounds.


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