Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flannel Trousers

With the onset of warmer weather close at hand, it will soon be time to put away the heavy weight wool garments and pull the cotton, linen and Palm Beach fabric from the closet.

That is, except for the flannel trousers. Preferably in cream.

The contrasting jacket (most often blue, though brown was seen as the Esquire illustration shows above) and trousers was a popular look during the summer in the 1930s and 1940s. And wool flannel trousers were the mainstay of any respectible man's summer wardrobe.

Why flannel?
The loosely woven flannel allows the wearer to remain cool in all but the most extreme heat by wicking away sweat and letting air flow around the wearer's body. Not only that, but it drapes better than many lighter fabrics.

I was lucky enough to find a pair of vintage cream flannel trousers in excellent shape for a good price.
After a cleaning and an alteration they are in wearable condition and should serve me well in the coming months. Check out those nifty waist adjustment tabs, too! These will work well with a navy blue belted back sportscoat, a panama hat and brown and white spectator shoes.

Bring on the warm weather.


tom said...

Wow those pants look great! Wish I had a pair like that. Good find.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Man, I wish I lived near you. You seem to have the best thrift shops and vintage stores.


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