Monday, January 19, 2009

What I Wore: Back to My Roots

Over time as our wardrobes grow and evolve, somethings, even our most beloved items, fall into disuse. That has unfortunately happened to me.

I needed to get back to my roots.

Sunday I pulled from the dark closest my first wearable vintage piece: a 1950s "Bold Look" jacket. The electric blue herringbone gabardine fabric is something else, a true marvel to behold. So, after months of being hung up, here it is again for you to see.

*1950s jacket
*1950s Lee fedora
*vintage tie
*modern claiborne herringbone trousers
*vintage 'lucky charm' tie bar
*GAP socks
*modern Botany 500 spectator shoes
*modern suspenders

click photos to enlarge

This look is somewhat fashioned after the below illustration, though this comes from the 1930s while my look has a touch of "Bold Look" to it, thanks to the jacket and tie. Even so, a dark jacket paired with contrasting trousers was a very popular style during the Golden Era, especially when worn with spectators.
And while the illustrated look is more for the summer (especially with the cream flannel trousers), it can work just as well in the winter with gray trousers, as I have shown here.


tom said...

Almost all of the new fedoras I see have feathers. Why is this, and did they wear feathers in there hats back then too? Also I recently bought 2 new hats a Bailey Gangster, and a Country Gentleman Raider. The Raider is a crushable hat, and the brim always pops out of shape. The Bailey has a more rigid brim, but I can't get it to stay how I want either. Is there anything I can do to make the brims stay how I want. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Will said...

Welcome, Tom.
Feathers are very traditional and go back thousands of years. In the Golden Era new fedoras often came with a feather under the bow but many men got rid of them or the feathers got lost, hence why so few vintage fedoras still sport feathers.

As for your hats, I believe them both to be made of wool which does not take or keep shape as well as fur felt as it is cheaper than felt. It might be somewhat difficult to shape these two hats.
The best way to shape them is to bring a tea kettle of water to boil, steam the area you want to shape and then shape it. It's as easy as that.



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