Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Wore Yesterday

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, if a bit crazy.

Yesterday I went for a 1930s "working casual"
*1930s Adams fedora (Christmas)
*GAP leather jacket
*modern "fitted" Van Heusen shirt
*1930s wool tie
*Ralph Lauren trousers
*GAP socks (Christmas)
*AE shoes

click to enlarge

I'm playing with four patterns here. ;)

The trousers are amazingly long and high-waisted.

The shirt has small horizontal ribs throughout. A truly marvelous thing to behold. From a distance the shirt looks like a regular white one, but up close the ribbing pops out at the viewer and plays with the light.

This shot shows the sock and trouser patterns to good effect.

There's something about pairing a handsome '30s/'40s (style) jacket with trousers and a fedora that looks ruggedly manly yet elegant at the same time.


Charles Henry said...

Amazing socks. GAP?

Will said...

Indeed, GAP socks. I do enjoy socks from there. I also found that Eddie Bauer has some nice socks, though more expensive.


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